Podcast: Vitalita Health: Nutrition and Health for Gen X

Host/Creator: Lisa Henderson, MS, RDN

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In March, 2022, I started my new podcast: Vitalita Health: Nutrition and Health for GenX. I’m a GenXer myself and am excited about this new project! At this time, the GenX generation is in their middle-age years (42 – 57 years old). I feel that this phase of life is such a critical time to attend to one’s health. How we take care of our bodies and minds and how we nourish ourselves at this time is tremendously important – it impacts not only how we feel now, but also protects our health as we ease into our older years.

My mission with this new show is to be your guide in making healthy lifestyle changes that will increase your vitality, enjoyment of life and protect your health for the long-term. Like the Heart Beat, this show will provide a stimulating mix of content. Some episodes will be solocasts focused on a particular nutrition topic (my area of expertise as a Registered Dietitian), and some episodes will feature an engaging interview with an expert in a particular area of health (such as: exercise, stress management, sleep, weight loss or coping with difficult emotions). And, as always, I welcome my listeners’ feedback and suggestions about possible future topics for the show.

Each podcast episode will have a corresponding blog post on this website which will include a podcast player within the post – so that you can easily play that episode directly from the website post. Sometimes, I will also do a blog post on that topic for your reference in which I include some of the main points of the episode as a quick summary or “cheat sheet”. My intention is to provide you with a nice mix of both audio and written content on each topic to aid you in remembering the key points.

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