Podcast: Vitalita Health: Nutrition for a New Age

All episodes of Vitalita Health: Nutrition for a New Age are available wherever you listen to podcasts (on all major platforms) and also through the link below to my podcast page. If you enjoy the show, please rate, review or share the podcast with others who might be interested and who might benefit from the information. I appreciate it!

Each podcast episode has a corresponding blog post on this website which includes a podcast player within the post – so you can easily play that episode directly from this website. Sometimes, I also do a blog post on that topic for your reference in which I include some of the main points of the episode as a quick summary or “cheat sheet”. My intention is to provide you with a nice mix of both audio and written content on each topic to aid you in remembering the key points.

Link to Vitalita Health podcast:

Podcast page (access to episodes, platforms and RSS feed): https://vitalitahealth.buzzsprout.com/