NEW! Healthy Cooking Classes for Groups

1-2-3 lift off! As of today (6/11/24), I am happy to announce that I am launching a brand new series of healthy cooking classes for groups of all kinds in the Orange County, California area.

This is a fresh approach to cooking classes. I’m an experienced Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and food lover and I have fused (and infused!) these 2 sides of myself into this new endeavor. These classes are unique because they give each participant the skills to cook and prepare food in a healthy way that is enjoyable for them and supports their health for a lifetime.

Typical cooking classes focus on either cooking skills or nutrition education. These classes offer a new, multi-level approach which involves these important elements:

  • In-depth nutrition education on balanced eating
  • Hands-on training of important cooking skills and techniques
  • Mindful eating principles
  • An appreciation of both the pleasures of food and its important role in a healthy lifestyle

These classes were created to help people improve their health and feel their best by teaching them how to create healthy, balanced and delicious meals at home that include all important nutrients in the right proportion. A focus on the pleasures of food and eating and a spirit of exploration is an important aspect of the classes.

These group classes are in-person and are available throughout the Orange County, California area. We can come to you! If your group or organization is in the O.C. and you have an on-site kitchen or other appropriate meeting space, the cooking classes can be done at your location.

The cooking classes are a series of 5 classes. They can be done based on your preferred timeframe – daily, weekly or monthly.

Private 1-on-1 classes are also available and can be customized to meet the individual’s needs (contact to discuss your unique needs and preferences)

Questions? To discuss, enquire or book classes, contact Lisa directly by email at: